Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday Night Racing

Pedal hard, turn left. It is really that simple. However, there is no guarantee that what one perceives as "hard" will be hard enough, especially when Ed decides to sandbag in the C category. 4/24/07 marked my third and first decent outing at the track, while it was Steve's first trip of 2007.

The picture above is just before the start of the final race of the night. On this particular night it happened to be the B,C 25 lap points race. Note that I am in first place, oh yeah!

There is no way to adequately explain how much fun racing and spectating at the track is. I encourage all young and old to come on down, it is free, and drinking is encouraged.

Back to the race, blistering pace from the get go, sprint laps every 5th lap, and prime laps just about every other lap. 26+ mph was the average speed for the race, as you can see, no camera could capture me without some blurring.

More posts to come, look for some action shots of the Steve very soon. B3 racing!

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