Monday, October 8, 2007

Caught Speeding

Fiesta Island, 10/7/2007. The final TT of the year. The posted speed limit on Fiesta Island is 25mph. I managed to average 25.26mph over 20k this past Sunday. I plan to turn myself in to the police sometime next week. I raced on my track bike with TT bars, and a 50x15 was my gear of choice. Very little wind, which was nice. 29min 31sec was my time. I am now a mere 5.5 minutes away from the record. I highly recommend this TT to anyone who has not yet tried it. It is a most remarkable form of voluntary suffering that is at least as addicting as good beer. The 2008 TT series begins in February, I will be training hard this winter in the hopes of breaking the 26mph barrier.