Monday, October 8, 2007

Caught Speeding

Fiesta Island, 10/7/2007. The final TT of the year. The posted speed limit on Fiesta Island is 25mph. I managed to average 25.26mph over 20k this past Sunday. I plan to turn myself in to the police sometime next week. I raced on my track bike with TT bars, and a 50x15 was my gear of choice. Very little wind, which was nice. 29min 31sec was my time. I am now a mere 5.5 minutes away from the record. I highly recommend this TT to anyone who has not yet tried it. It is a most remarkable form of voluntary suffering that is at least as addicting as good beer. The 2008 TT series begins in February, I will be training hard this winter in the hopes of breaking the 26mph barrier.


sdl said...

you averaged faster by yourself than you did with the team. clearly they were holding you back.

nice helmet.

Mike said...

thanks yo. i was thinking the same thing about the "team". if you look hard enough, you can see that my red track bike actually looks slightly green. i was, after all, going relatively fast.

girlintube said...

Nice Mike. I particularly like the aero helmet. Wish I coulda been there to cheer you on, but my co-worker and I were stuffing ourselves over at Perry's Breakfast House around the corner from B&L. Have you been there? You must go. It's classic.

Anywho, maybe I'll see ya at the Velo Friday night.

The REAL NASCAR said...

Nice ride on the "Isle of Dreams" my friend. I especially enjoy the fact you rallied faster than Darrel and your team on a fixed gear nonetheless!