Sunday, April 22, 2007

San Juan Trail 4/22/07

What can I say dot dot dot full stop This was a ride for the ages full stop Pat needed help with his tire comma then his tire pressure full stop The ride started fantastically comma many switchbacks to the top comma followed by some sweet rutty downhill full stop We then did the loop proper comma followed by some sweet technical uphill full stop After a few gu apostrophe s comma we chinese downhilled to our heart apostrophe s content full stop The downhill was awesome comma except for the rescue helicopters looking for Pat apostrophe s weed stash full stop Back to the car in one piece comma followed by a sweet trip to a fish taco slash fish sandwich shop full stop A quick coffee and we were on our way full stop San Juan Trial is definitely a top 5 ride for the UCSD crew full stop

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sdl said...

Right on exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point San Juan is definitely my favorite ride around Southern California comma and even ranks up there with the rides around Moab comma Utah exclamation point