Saturday, April 7, 2007

season kick-off

welcome to the 2007 season, team ücktard!

hopefully with moab 2007 we've seen the end of injuries (2 cracked ribs, 1 sub-something-or-other femoral yadda-yadda hematoma, and a few egos) and only the beginning of successful riding and imbibing (>3.2%abv). in that order.

i thought we could try this blog as a site to exchange glory shots and maybe videos, so that we can absorb each others' pieces as bandwidth and schedules allow, and document a few of the precious moments into eternal hilarity as blog posts. i see an entry titled "tables turning: forber watches morton endo".

let me know what you think, and maybe pass it on to eric and tim. pass it along to significant others at your discretion, and remember whose others talk to who-else's others, eh?

if this doesn't work, i'm open to ideas.


1 comment:

Escalante said...

Posting into the FUTURE! So Steve does have a time machine...

That photo now has Mikey going over the bars...