Thursday, March 13, 2008

a warm-up ride: white rock rim

the house i grew up in is a stone's throw away from a trail that runs along a canyon rim. in the bottom of the canyon runs the rio grande, and along the canyon walls are no fewer than half a dozen little crags with some fun sport- and crack-climbs. it was always super easy to walk out the door and be on a trail or at a climbing spot within 5 minutes. cars were superfluous, but we drove anyway.
i decided to just do a quick ride of the white rock rim trail (end to end the whole thing is maybe 2 miles long), to assess how dry the trails out here might be in this tail end of a snowy winter, and to loosen up a bit from a long car ride.
the trail, it turns out, was not dry at all in places. shade == mud, and this mud is tacky! i had to stop to knock off gobs of it that were threatening to keep my wheels from turning very easily.

i got some hints on this short-n-easy spin as to how hard it would be to ride up here: a couple little rollers got me huffing and puffing and blowing NO houses down, and i found some of my favorite little technical spots.

what do you call babyheads that are sharp and jagged? i think i used to call them rocks.

it's quite probable i'll do this trail-let several more times, since it's so close and short. maybe even once or twice at night! now there's a stupid idea!

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Mike said...

i am finally ready to post some race reports, but man, that shot of the WW is really nice. Can you make it a permanent fixture in the top corner of the blog page.