Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pendleton Road Race, Clydesdale style.

Podium spot in my first road race? I must be bound for greatness. . .no, wait, I was racing against fatties. To be fair, 200+ pound cyclists are not always fat, I did see a couple of lean 6'4" dudes in my race. It was nice to be one of the faster climbers in the pack, believe me, this does not happen often(ever). There was some confusion over who you were racing against due to the 50-59 men starting at the same time as the big boys. We finished in a bunch sprint with about 12 guys, I ended up third in my category. My only regret about doing so well in this race is that it gave me some false confidence for future races. TT's and Crits to be specific.

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sdl said...

maybe he's further away than it looks, but the dude in blue behind you doesn't look big enough to have the "C" on his calf ... did you beat him?