Monday, March 10, 2008

my visions of grandeur

just found this drafted post, which i thought would be worth putting up (it seems finished), with the erratum that phd work is going to force me to put this off a year or two, and the addendum that my age at entering high level road competition will be another factoid worth bob roll's noting.


the plan is to race in the tour de france in 2009. maybe 2010. in the meantime i'm going to dope like a fiend and work my way (quickly) onto some newer squad with loose morals and high aspirations.

in the tour i'll attack suddenly and viciously on apparent suicide missions, but they'll work because i'll be juiced.

i won't finish the tour. i'll exit before the cloud of suspicion appears, and in such a fashion that it never will -- high drama and bizarre circumstances, maybe involving a crazed fan or something. my legend will live on forever in short video clips and close-ups of an anguished yet resolved face.

decades from now a leathery bob roll will still be talking in his tour day france commentary about never seeing a rider with guts like that either before or since.

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