Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the trek vs the canyon

an attempted ride on the (old, rescued beater) single speed in pq canyon was thwarted inside 10 minutes.

first, the fall. stupid cheep tires just slipped out on the turn.

then, the rattling jingle sound. cassette lock ring came loose, and my spacers and cog were just floating merrily.

then, the fold. i know i tightened the hell out of them after i folded the first chain ring in half. nonetheless, one of the chain ring bolts came out and on the way back up the trail to the car (after less than 10 minutes of riding) i folded another chain ring.

i returned to eric's truck by hiking and scooter-ing that p.o.s. back up the hill.

i'm pretty sure the bike self-destructed because it heard me start to spec out a new, respectable single speed. now it's definitely time to work on that.


mjm said...

At least the jersey came out unscathed. Leader frame in the near future? oh yeah, but, shhh, don't let Christine know.

Walt said...

Nice one, Steve... might be time to donate that sucker to the dumpster. At least you didn't buy an ENO hub for it, eh?